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Restaurant businesses are booming these days. You will see a restaurant at every corner you pass by. They are literally bustling everywhere....

Restaurant businesses are booming these days. You will see a restaurant at every corner you pass by. They are literally bustling everywhere. With this exponential increase in competition between various brands, restaurants must gain customers’ trust through good quality food served at an affordable rate. That's why it is of utmost relevance to choose the first-class commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Karachi. 


One of the most significant factors which contribute to the prosperity of the restaurant business and that influence a customer’s decision to choose a place to eat is the quality of the food provided. Just imagine going to a restaurant expecting freshly baked bread and ending up getting stale bread that has been lying in the basket for many hours. Nobody wants it right? This will surely disappoint your taste buds and ruin your mood because as it is very rightly said, “good food is good mood”. Giving bad quality food will turn off the customer from your restaurant forever. 


So then how does a restaurant owner guarantee that the food they serve is fresh and of high quality? The answer to this question is by opting for suppliers who can provide all the necessary equipment, supplies, and everything that makes a restaurant a good restaurant.


However, with the vast number of restaurant suppliers on the market, it can be quite daunting and confusing for a restaurant owner to pick the right one. Here SH TRADERS has enlisted several tips which, by following all of them, have made them the best commercial kitchen equipment in Karachi. 

1.    Pricing:-

One cannot underplay this factor when buying kitchen equipment like a commercial food mixer or an electrical cone maker and many more. You have to assign the proper budget that you will spend on the kitchen equipment, and keeping that in mind, you choose your manufacturers or suppliers. And very sure you don't want to spend way out of your pocket. Make sure to compare prices offered by different manufacturers and after that, pick the one that's most suitable to your budget and requirement. SH TRADERS proudly takes the liberty of being the finest commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Karachi because of the prime quality material used and if you compare the quality with the price, you will know how pocket-friendly these fine products are. It is a note-worthy factor which is to not compromise on the quality of the product just because it is a few bucks less. Invest in top-notch products and use them freely without the worry of them getting damaged or the fuss of getting it repaired. 


What more you can do is check online reviews and testimonials about the brand to get a deeper insight into the company and help you make a better choice. 

2.            Ease of Usage:-

If the equipment provided by the supplier or the manufacturer is complex and complicated to use in daily life, then the chef or the cook may find it a little troublesome, affecting your food business. Choose SH TRADERS, who will give you plenty of efficiently operating kitchen equipment with the same efficiency. Even if the product is a little challenging to use, it should come with a usage guide that clearly tells you how to use it. 


If you keep the above-mentioned pointers in while looking for the best commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Karachi, there is no way you will not be able to find a good supplier. Another perk of investing in commercial kitchen equipment is that you save a lot of your precious time which would not be saved if the case was otherwise. 


SH TRADERS has mastered providing complete kitchen solutions to its customers, all come with backup, service, warranty, and installation assistance. Our continuous support is what makes our customers choose us before any other leading company offering similar commodities. Our services are not just confined to offering the best commercial kitchen equipment but we also design kitchens, we provide essential supplies like glass, flatware tops for tables, etc. the uniqueness of SH TRADERS includes the following features:

  • Our products with backup service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Giving the best solution for products
  • Bets advice regarding commercial and industrial kitchen equipment
  • Planning, designing, and executing.


Our quality of service can also be known by our clients who are one of the most top-notch and sophisticated brands not only in our city Karachi but all over Pakistan. Some of our renowned clients include:


And many more.


For further information regarding the most paragon commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Karachi, visit our website now. 

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  Cooking is simply a joy able task if you do it in the right way and have the accurate tools. Like in the old days people had to do all the...


Cooking is simply a joy able task if you do it in the right way and have the accurate tools. Like in the old days people had to do all the things handily but now we have different tools or electronic equipment to make cooking easier for us. You can make a variety of dishes using these tools. But there are certain dishes for which you need some specific electronic kitchen appliances like you need a juicer for making fresh juice or an oven for making baked items. Similarly you need a mixer for making meatballs, meatloaf or for grounding beef for hamburgers. Moreover you can also mix batter or whip cream in a mixer for preparing items like cookies, cakes or pizzas. It is good to have this equipment so that you can work with tranquility. Like the other equipment, a mixer is one of the prime electronic accessories for kitchens. They are used for grounding or mixing chopped vegetables and meat, plus there are spiral mixers and commercial dough mixers that make whipping, stirring or dough making processes easier. 

Mixers provide innumerable benefits and especially they are very functional for places producing different varieties of food. They are quick serviceable for commercial use like restaurants, bakeries or central kitchens. Let's have a look on SH Traders, they are selling the best commercial mixer online to make your life convenient. You might have a question: why would one get a commercial mixer? It is because it has much more benefits than a casual hand mixer:

·         It has a thorough mixing property. 

·         Comfortable to use as it does not involve manual work. 

·         They are static so you can do other work while keeping it on mixing. 

·         They are very powerful and can perform the work of spiral mixer as well


SH Traders are serving the promising quality of items that will make your cooking hundred times easier and quicker. They have the best commercial dough mixer with a variety of supreme qualities like


The commercial mixer at SH Traders has a speed of 105/160/408r/min which helps you in a thorough mixing of food. The high speed not only saves time but also provides a high output at low cost in short time intervals. 


The mixer is provided with a beater as well to give your food a smooth texture. So besides mixing or grounding this mixture will also blend your food smoothly.


The dough arm is beneficial for mixing the dough with consistency and producing a good volume of it. SH Traders have the best commercial mixer along with qualities of a spiral mixer that would be specifically useful for bakeries or pizzerias.  


Wire whips also called balloon whisk work for ideally whipping the cream, egg or frosting so your processed food product will be of high quality. 

 All the above features are the prime requirement of an ideal food mixer. SH Traders are truly reliable in terms of good service, they are offering the best commercial mixers at good prices. The product quality is unquestionable as they always serve the products that are up to the mark of requirements of buyers. Such fortitude is less likely to come again. You should not let it pass over. You can get the best commercial mixer with promising quality at a very affordable range. The best thing is they have all the features that are required. Go and pick up the item from SH Traders as they are owning the desk in terms of excellence. 

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Using an oven can be daunting for many. Ovens are not reliable in terms of even cooking, they say. We disagree. Ovens can be your best frien...

Using an oven can be daunting for many. Ovens are not reliable in terms of even cooking, they say. We disagree. Ovens can be your best friends in the kitchen, but the oven has to be of the right kind. There is a team of professional chefs who swear by the advantages of a convection oven. You get evenly cooked, properly browned food each time.

Just like any other gadget around your house, you need to understand how and when to use a convection oven. It will change the game for you, we promise!

How is a convection oven different from a conventional oven?

A conventional oven cooks food by heating the air inside it. The air that is heated remains stagnant. So, you can never be sure of the ven cooking. However, with a convection oven, the air inside the oven is heated plus circulated by the built-in fans. It ensures that the food gets cooked evenly from all sides.

Why choose a convection oven over a conventional oven?

Simply put, it is better in all the ways. However, to clarify let us put together some pros of the convection oven:
  1. You must have often noticed that with a conventional oven, the food gets cooked faster at one part as compared to the other. Or, you may end up with a part of the food being burned while the other is just well-cooked. It is because a conventional oven may have hot spots due to stagnant air inside it. With a conventional oven, the built-in fans circulate the air, therefore, giving you perfectly cooked food each time.
  2. Convection ovens cook food up to 25% faster than conventional ovens. It is because the hot air is directly blown on the food. Thanks to the fans again.
  3. With a convection oven, you get crispier and browner food. It is because a conventional oven tends to create humidity because of a lack of ventilation. However, with a convection oven, the fans ensure proper air circulation and ventilation.
  4. Convection ovens are energy efficient. If the food gets cooked faster, it will save energy.

When not to use a convection oven?

Everything comes with a pack full of pros and cons. A convection oven is no different. Just like a team of professional chefs who swear by the benefits of a convection oven, there is another team who claims not to use a convection oven for delicate baking like cakes, cookies, biscuits, bread, and custard. The reason behind this is that the air circulation can inhibit the setting process that may cause the batter to not rise properly.

Stella Parks, an award-winning pastry chef tweeted,

In American baked goods, convection should never be used unless a recipe specifically calls for it. In a home oven, the hot, dry air accelerates crust formation in cakes, cookies, and biscuits which is generally counterproductive to the desired rise.

In simpler words, a convection oven does not give the humidity needed for the proper baking of these delicate foods.

Some key points to remember while using a convection oven:

  1. If using a traditional cookbook recipe, make sure to tweak the recipe as it is usually developed keeping in mind the conventional oven. Just lower down the temperature by 25 degrees and check your food a little earlier than the mentioned time as a convection oven cooks food faster.
  2. Keep it breathable for your food. Since a convection oven relies on the proper circulation of air, make sure your food is spaced properly and evenly. Avoid over crowding as it may suffocate your food ;)
  3. Use low-sided or rimless pans or baking sheets. Again, the air needs to circulate. High-sided or rimmed pans may hinder air circulation

How to cook meat in a convection oven?

Roasting meat is so easy and so rewarding. You can just put in a slab or cut pieces of meat, some seasoning, and put it in the oven. It will cook, it has to cook!

Just be careful about which meat cut you are using. For tender cuts or small pieces adjust your oven accordingly as a convection oven cooks and browns food faster. For tougher and thicker pieces you may need to sear the meat first.

The key is to understand the cooking time and temperature of your oven. You will get the hang of it in no time, we know!

Just a parting tip, If you are convinced about buying a convection oven, check out Shtraders. They offer the best convection oven prices in K-town.



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Every year, Muslims commemorate the Prophet's devotion to God by celebrating this festival. The festival is also known as the ‘Eid-ul-Ad...

Every year, Muslims commemorate the Prophet's devotion to God by celebrating this festival. The festival is also known as the ‘Eid-ul-Adha’ as a result of his actions. Muslims all across the world commemorate the holiday by offering a sacrifice of a goat, sheep, buffalo, or camel.
In earlier days, meat was cut into pieces with the help of tools made of stones. These tools were then used to divide the meat into its primal cuts. Now as the humans evolved, many high-end machinery equipments have been invented to help ease your lifestyle. Meat can be prepared in the blink of an eye with butchery equipments. Today we’ll talk about equipments that are presented to us by renowned kitchen equipment providers.

SH TRADERS has been successfully competing in the industry of Commercial Kitchens and Industrial Equipments over the time. We have vast experience of Industry and more than that just the understanding of the market. SH TRADERS specialized in Industrial Supply based on sourcing logistic optimization service for many Industries.

Since Eid-ul-Adha is on its way, today we’ll present you the perks of butchery equipment which will help you choose the right equipment this Eid for your meat preparations.

Meat Slicer:

This machine will come handy this Eid-ul-Adha for all your meat preparations. This meat slicer is extremely helpful and remarkably profitable equipment for any restaurant or home. As an industry’s leading choice meat slicers are widely noted for both home cooks and chefs.

·        Semi-Automatic

·        Output: 180w

·        Voltage: 220v

·        Dimensions: 480 x 320 x 350mm

Meat Grinder:

A meat grinder is considered as an all rounder in butchery equipments. They are highly versatile and durable to use as they are widely use in making in-house burgers, sausages, and meat related savory dishes. Meat grinders grind meat with such perfection and precision that it presents you restaurant quality product without a doubt. The machine works way effectively and swiftly than human intervention. The main benefit is that it gives you much more critical finished product.

·        Weight: 92kg

·        Size: 400 x 200 x 420mm

Bone Sawing Machine:

Cutting meat or bone in a perfect dimension is not just a walk in the park. If you want that desire restaurant quality finished product then you should definitely own a bone sawing machine. A bone saw machine is a piece of food processing equipment that is used to chop cold meats and bones into smaller pieces. They are used on large-scale at hotels, restaurants, factories and butcher shops. If you want that desired cut this Eid then you should definitely get your hands on one of these high-tech equipments.

·        Voltage: 220v 

·        Speed: 1420r / min

·        Processing Thickness: 5 – 55mm

·        Processing Height: 180mm

·        Size of Working Table: 480 x 390mm 


The festival [Eid-ul-Adha] is celebrated with a lot of fervor among Muslims around the world as well as a special feast that mainly contains mutton preparations. If you are looking for perfect butchery equipments then contact us right away. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Knife is considered as essential Kitchen Equipment . In stone ages people was unaware of this tool. Human of Stone Age made sharp tools with...

Knife is considered as essential Kitchen Equipment. In stone ages people was unaware of this tool. Human of Stone Age made sharp tools with wood, bones and stones for cutting, and tearing of meat and other eatable. Knife was also used as a tool in past days. People used it for self-defense for many centuries. Nowadays knife is used to cut meat. For vegetable and fruits people use slice cutter. These Cutters become common in almost all kind of home. Why people prefer this? Reasons of using slice cutters are:

Time saver:

Knife consumes lots of time. It also needs energy for cutting, and chopping. But an innovatory thing change the dimensions of effort. Moreover, vegetable Slicers make work easy for people. It consumes less time, and cut fruit in much better way.

Different shapes:
Kitchen Equipment cannot give your vegetable a new, and different shape. But, vegetable cutters give vegetable a new and creative look. With vegetable cutter you can cut your fruits and vegetable in your desire shape. Creative shape of fruits and vegetables always encourage children to eat as well as it also adds color to your dining table.

Equal in shape:

Knife cannot cut the vegetable in equal shape. But, vegetable cutters help in maintaining uniformity among all shape and size of vegetables, and fruits.

Cutters can make life easy. It gives uniformity, and provides different shapes to your fruit. SH Trades knows all aforementioned importance of vegetable cutters. We provide good quality cutters at cost-effective price.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Whether you are planning to unfold your new bake shop or having a pizza party on the weekend, you should own a perfect deck oven that’ll sa...

Whether you are planning to unfold your new bake shop or having a pizza party on the weekend, you should own a perfect deck oven that’ll save your reputation. The most important considerations for an oven are the size, features and versatility. Choosing the right oven might be a little tricky as you have to go through the diverse range of ovens that are available in the market these days.

Thanks to the team of SH Traders, the finest commercial deck oven is now available to fulfill all your requirements.

This oven is installed with compact low-thermal-conductivity insulation and precise digital temperature controller, heat retention of the oven is excellent and over-heating is greatly eliminated.
Additionally, this deck oven comprises of distinguishing features that’ll for sure leave you astounded. 

Exquisite Design:
The splendid three trays designed for this deck oven makes it stand out from others. Unlike traditional brick oven, these bring class to your kitchen or bake shop. A hot steaming pizza coming out of this oven is a dream coming true.

Fuel Efficient:
An oven possessing high efficiency can save up to 60 or 70% fuel consumption. This deck oven along with this consists of modern exhaust system. This feature provides the oven the ability to retain enormous amounts of heat so that it can continue to provide an even baking temperature.

Vapor Tube Technology:
A vapor tube technology is a great asset for the person who adores baking. These Vapor Tubes deliver heat evenly throughout the baking zone with no fans or moving parts necessary to distribute the heat.

Don’t get intimidated with price that a deck oven represents, instead think about the future and how much reliable the product is compared to the other low price ovens available in the market which won’t even last for a year. You might actually save some cents if you make the right decision.

SH Traders provides with the finest customer service and have been doing with pride for quite a moment. If you need some assistance regarding the selection of perfect equipment then we are always here for you.
Feel free to take a tour of our website at

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Bain-marie is a French word, and the name is attributed to a women alchemist named Mary who lived between the 1st and 3rd century. Such kin...

Bain-marie is a French word, and the name is attributed to a women alchemist named Mary who lived between the 1st and 3rd century.

Such kinds of Bain Marie are finest for the usage of ice-creams or sliced fresh vegetables for salads and fruits in public catering businesses, hotels and restaurants. Additionally, this equipment is used to keep the food cold or warm for an extended period of time.

Amazingly, it can hold ready meals or pre-cooked food at an appropriate temperature and makes sure that it is ready to serve during a longer period of time. A commercial Bain Marie is generally a huge appliance compatible with gastronome pans. This equipment is sometimes also known as a double boiler. Popular and stunning features that are useful for buffets or self-service areas, Ban Marie is available in numerous variety of sizes providing heat or dry options.

SH Trader beings as one of the leading suppliers of commercial cooking equipment, we offer an excellent selection of products for the commercial kitchen, including the very versatile SS Bain Marie. Designed to keep sauces, gravies and pre-cooked food at serving temperature for several hours, there’s a commercial Bain Marie to suit all kinds of catering establishments. Here’s how!

SH Traders deals in the following primary types:

Hot Bain Marie:

Primarily used in restaurant, catering and hotels, Hot Bain Marie counter is an essential equipment to keep the food warm for a longer period of time. Hot Ban Marie is brilliant at keeping the food fresh without losing its quality. Hot Bain Marie generally used for the display of food at parties and can keep food fresh for 5-6 hours and as well as on industrial canteens for staff and labors.

Cold Bain Marie:

Cold Bain Marie to keep food cold like ice-creams and desserts make line is a part of Cold Bain Marie counter. These extremely useful products work as your companion if you are looking to open your own ice-cream parlor. There are multiple benefits of Cold Bain Marie as the design of this equipment is highly suitable for catering as they can be used immediately. 

Easily movable from one place to another is not troublesome at all. These naturally more energy efficient. It is also convenient to function for your staffers or caters. Made with stainless steel, they are less corrosive and easy to maintain.

So, if you are looking for the perfect equipment to add something new to your business, then SS Bain Marie can definitely become your companion. Get in touch with SH Traders for the best offers by visiting our website at